July 2023.

Jeffreys Bay Wind Farm, has welcomed Nonini Makhothe to its team. In her role as Economic Development Specialist, she is the bridge between the wind farm and its many surrounding beneficiary communities, within the Kouga region.

Her primary role incorporates overseeing the implementation and management of the economic development programmes, which directly benefits the communities of Hankey, Patensie, Ocean View, Jeffreys Bay and Humansdorp.

“I am passionate about spaces that offer development opportunities to people. I believe in empowering people instead of creating dependence. This can include activities like providing young people with opportunities to access tertiary education through bursaries. This opens up a window of possibilities for people, especially those coming from impoverished backgrounds,” said Nonini Makhothe, explaining her approach to community development.

Nonini brings her passion and experience in both development and the renewable energy sector to this role and has already started engaging with programme beneficiaries in order to better understand the social and economic dynamics of priority communities in and around the wind farm.

It is not co-incidental that she has chosen to work within the wind power sector, as she is an advocate for sustainability.
“I believe that renewable energy is the future. It provides the country with a solution towards meeting energy demands through sustainable means of generation. This will move us one step closer towards enhancing our energy security,” she concluded.