July 2021.

Mummy’s Day Care Centre, in the heart of the Ocean View community, has felt the love and support from this year’s Nelson Mandela International Day, which is themed ‘One Hand Can Feed Another’.

This Early Childhood Development (ECD) Centre, which cares for over 60 young children from this community, has received educational toys and kitchen equipment, donated by Jeffreys Bay Wind Farm and ITEC, as well as office equipment donated by ITEC Eastern Cape.

Chairperson of the School’s Board of Governors, Mr Trinos Moyo, explained the impact of the fridge donation meant that larger quantities of perishables could now be bought and safely stored, saving time and money. He added, “The copying machine means that we no longer have to go town and it saves time and transport money, whilst the educational toys are part of our curriculum in child development teaching so are an absolute essential.”

ECD support and development is a cornerstone of Jeffreys Bay Wind Farm’s Socio-Economic Development Programme, with ITEC managing the programme implementation.

“We chose to spend our ’67 minutes’ by providing support to this ECD centre, symbolising our commitment to help to change the world for the better, as envisaged by our former President, who is renowned for his love and dedication to young children,” commented Tsholofelo Moote, Junior Economic Development Practitioner for Jeffreys Bay Wind Farm.