Renewable Energy Schools Awareness Programme

Funds contributed to Eastern Cape School learners to learn more about the significance of wind energy and to broaden interest in science.

It is imperative to increase awareness and interest in the renewable energy industry amongst learners if our country is to develop the much needed skills in this area. For this reason a schools programme was sponsored, reaching thousands of Eastern Cape School learners.

During the Construction Phase of the Wind Farm leaner’s learnt about the significance of renewable energy and science. The programme was launched in 2013, with the purpose of providing Grade 9 – 11 learners with projects that would broaden their knowledge of science, with a specific focus on wind energy.

Engagement & Awareness: As part of the schools’ programme, an essay competition was initiated, aimed at increasing awareness of the industry and the benefits of renewable energy. The essay content looked at the highlights and the benefits of renewable energy within South Africa. Learners won cash prizes and each entrant received a book voucher. The lucky winners also got to be some of the first visitors to the wind farm, making the content and learning experience tangible – and a great deal of fun.