Pellsrus Surfing Foundation

Funds contributed to help uplift community youth by building their confidence and sporting aptitude. These young surfers are now competing on the international surfing circuit, bringing home accolades and hope to others.

Jeffreys Bay Wind Farm is specifically focused on positively impacting the lives of the communities of Humansdorp, Hankey and Patensie. Youth development and social development through upliftment fit our objectives, which is the primary reason for its support of the Pellsrus Surfing Foundation.

The Pellsrus Surfing Foundation, which comprises 14 young black boys and a girl between the ages of 9 and 17, focuses on developing them into outstanding surfers who carry titles in South Africa and on the world stage. Considering that each of them come from the Pellsrus community, an underprivileged area that is plagued by many social challenges, this is a huge achievement. Three of the boys are currently ranked in the country’s Top 3, in their respective age categories.

Earlier this year, Joshe Faulkner of the Pellsrus Surfing Foundation was selected by Surfing South Africa to compete in an international event as part of the 2014 South African Junior Team, in Ecuador. He has also competed in Portugal in the ASP Junior Championships during 2014, also sponsored by the Wind Farm.

During the last two years that the wind farm has sponsored this foundation to the value of R183 290. These funds have enabled the Foundation to increase number of youth supported and facilitated these young people to grow and develop with the medical support and education support that they provide, whilst participating in the junior events throughout the country. These young people have an opportunity to grow in confidence, improve their sporting abilities and make careers for themselves in the sporting code.