KwaNomzamo Home Based Care

A contribution to this home care facility included the donation of 12 much-needed wheelchairs to community members, bringing independence to previously house-bound residents.

The KwaNomzamo Home Community Based Care received a donation, which included a bequest of twelve wheel chairs to community members.
Recipients of the wheel chairs range from a young school boy who is physically handicapped to a 90 year-old elderly community resident that was previously house-bound. The wheelchairs will increase mobility, giving much needed independence.

KwaNomzamo Home Based Care provides care to people infected with HIV/AIDS in their homes. Care and support is also offered to Orphaned and Vulnerable Children, which includes child-headed households. Part of the donation was used for the purchasing of equipment, the provision of 20 food parcels to indigent families a month and the provision of meals for children living in Child headed households on a daily basis.