Healthy Mom & Baby Clinic

The Healthy Mom & Baby clinic, which was founded 10 years ago, is dedicated to providing free gynaecological services to pregnant women and running after birth programmes aimed at empowering pregnant women and young mothers with information that enables them to cope with their pregnancies and babies.

This Project is an exemplary example of a public private partnership; in action with the Department of Health, Healthy Mom & Baby Clinic provides equipment like gloves and ARV’s.

We support the Clinic’s vision of families being the foundation of society and believe that by giving care to pregnant women we can help build healthier communities, given limited gynaecological services available in the town.

The Clinic also has an outreach team that goes into the community for home visits to check on the expectant mothers and check on the health of their patients. Part of this funding pays salaries for 6 of the staff that work at the facility.