Farmer Bosman

Tenant farmer assisted with the purchase of much needed equipment and machinery.

Our support has assisted Mr Bosman with the purchase of much needed equipment and machinery. This has resulted in an increase in production from 7 hectares to 14 hectares, which in-turn has increased the farms turnover and means that we can employ more people to assist us during busy periods

The funds have been used to purchase a tractor, plough, planter and sprayer. He has also received technical training and support to ensure that this new equipment and machinery is optimally utilized and effectively cared for. A storage shed to house the tractor and implements, has been constructed to ensure that the equipment is kept safely and his farm is now more productive, with every available portion of land now cultivated.

Enterprise beneficiary, Mr. Bosman, situated on the outskirts of the small town of Hankey in the Gamtoos Valley of the Eastern Cape, focuses on the cultivation of the land for the growing of vegetables under dragline irrigation.

The farm supports Mr. Bosman and his immediate family, including his mother and employs between five and nine people on the farm, with a larger number of employees during harvest.