Environmental Impact

The Jeffreys Bay Wind Farm project conducted a comprehensive Environment Impact Assessment in 2010, which included public consultation. In 2011, the project received full Environmental Authorisation from the Department of Environmental Affairs.

The project owners are preparing registration of the project as a Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) project under the Kyoto Protocol.

Birds are seldom bothered by wind turbines

Bird Studies

In answer to the concern that wind turbines kill birds, studies show that birds are seldom bothered by wind turbines and in fact, the number of birds killed by wind turbines is negligible compared to the number that die as a result of other human activities.

Studies from the western part of Denmark, show that birds – by day and night – tend to change their flight route some 100 – 200 metres before the turbine and pass above the turbine at a safe distance.

Bird studies formed an integral part of the Environment Impact study. A 12 month pre-construction study was done, and another 12 month post-construction study will be done to assess impact.

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Environmental Benefits of Wind Energy

  • Water saving – wind energy does not consume water during the energy generation process, it also helps preserve scarce water resources.
  • Reduced carbon emissions – one megawatt of wind energy equates to 2600 fewer tons of carbon emissions when compared to coal-fired energy generation.
  • Wind energy generation emits zero air or water pollution.

Jeffreys Bay Wind Farm

  • Annual CO2 emissions avoided | 420 000 tonnes
  • Project lifetime CO2 emissions avoided | 8 400 000 tonnes
  • Water savings | 590 000 000 Litres per year


Monday 17/02/2014

  • 3 loads (incl. 3 blades) via route N2
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Tuesday 18/02/2014

  • 3 loads (incl. 3 blades) via route N2
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Wednesday 19/02/2014

  • 3 loads (incl. 3 blades) via route N2
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Thursday 20/02/2014

  • 3 loads (incl. 3 blades) via route N2
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Friday 21/02/2014

  • 3 loads (incl. 3 blades) via route N2
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Majority shareholder, Globeleq is jointly managing the construction of Jeffreys Bay Wind Farm and will play a key role as the management company during operations.